The Lunar Court is an invitation-only content creator and streamer group run by Mavis DeLuna, the Moon Monarch.This group is a friend/acquaintance group of creators who make fantastic content, and were chosen to be part of a no-pressure space where they can be themselves and support each other freely. All individuals invited to this group are 18+.The Lunar Court is BIPOC-forward and safe for QTPOC.The Lunar Court is proud to advocate for all marginalized identities, including but not limited to: race, religion, gender, sexuality, romantic orientation, neurodivergence, and disability.








You are formally invited to join The Lunar Court.

- Rouxls Kaard

What is The Lunar Court?

The Lunar Court is an invitation-only group for content creators owned by me, Mavis DeLuna. It is intended to be a casual, no-pressure environment and nothing more than a label. It's up to people under this label to decide if they want to do something with it on their own terms, while representing it in a positive manner.TL;DR: It's a group, hangout, and/or stream team with no pressure or requirements, other than "don't be a bigot" and other obvious statements. (In all honesty, it's more of a casual "cool kids club" of people with green flags and good vibes.)All individuals invited to this group are 18+.

Is this anything like Pride Prism?

No. Unlike Pride Prism, this is explicitly my space, and I choose who is welcomed into it- and I will strive to keep communications open and the space safe for everyone. I'm taking this very seriously in terms of safety.If you are a former Pride Prism member in good standing, you more than likely got this invitation, because some members did mention to me that they wanted a space for us to stay connected after Pride Prism disbanded.Folks who weren't in Pride Prism, you got this invitation because I like you, and I want to uplift you and watch you do great things.

Why did you make this group?

I'm awful at contacting people individually (thanks, ADHD). I miss the environment that Pride Prism was before things went south. I want to be able to go to a shared space with my friends, and be able to hang with them in a low-pressure environment. I want to create the vision I had for Pride Prism, but done right- and more casual.I don't and won't tell you guys what to do.
This is just my space with some flair, and I want you in it.
Ultimately, whether you're down for that too is entirely up to you. ♥

Why invitation-only?

I don't want racists or bigots to even have a chance to apply or get into this space. Pride Prism was taken from me by a racist manipulator that hurt not only me but everyone else within the group. Now I will do things my way (within reason), and I refuse to let that happen again.I refuse to let people take something I crafted with love, and ruin that for me and everyone else who loves and cultivates the space.

Does this group have any public socials?

There are no social media accounts representing the group, such as a Twitter. I personally feel that should be avoided; but this can change if there's comfort and consent from everyone under the Lunar Court's label.I do have a Twitch Team. You can be invited to it, and basically use it to check who's on if you need one of your pals to raid. Again, it's intended to be low-pressure, and a space full of buddies to chill out with.

Does this group have any public stances on social issues?


- BIPOC & QTPOC forward, safe, and inclusive, with anti-racist rules in place
- LGBTQIA2S+ community forward, safe, and inclusive; fuck TERFs and transmeds
- Welcome & accessible to anyone with a disability, and/or is neurodivergent
- Anti-colonial, anti-capitalism, and anti-fascism
- Absolutely no white fragility or other forms of racism will be tolerated
- Pro sex worker/sex work, and there will be an 18+ ID verified section in the discord for sex work promotion

... And more things not listed here.
I have a no-bullshit policy when it comes to bigotry.
I am not asking anyone to be activists, but at the very least, you should not be upset by the term "activist", and be willing to align yourself with these values.
You don't have to be out there at protests; even just being against bigotry and existing as your brilliant self against the odds is a form of activism.

If you decide you DON'T want to join...

... Then that's okay! This is an invitation, not a summons. Know that the doors will always be open to you if your mind changes. Obviously, we will not pressure you to do so.At the end of the day, I'm just glad you decide to read this.Keep being amazing!

I have questions/I'm nervous about this/I've had previous experiences that make me hesitant.

Feel free to ask- or feel free to say no. I won't take that personally.
I am here to listen and respect whatever decision you make.